I have developed a process of painting that uses colored light to divide one image into three images. Red light is scene one, green light is scene two, blue light is scene three. The sequencing of RGB light produces the effect of a moving picture, creating the ability for the two-dimensional medium of oil painting to expand into the fourth dimension, time. The work is first a physical process and phenomenon that is situated in the realm of physics and color theory. However, when applied in the realm of the fine arts it culminates in a discussion of the cinematic. The figures become the characters, “Space” becomes the scene and the still image becomes a motion picture. 

In  terms of content, I don’t believe I am anything more than a storyteller narrating on the human condition. Though I may have greater personal ties to some stories, I like to remain impartial and always endeavor to the portray the larger picture. I have always been attracted to the carnivalesque; my early work was the struggle between the narrative of fear, sex, gore and the dilemma of illusion. The question then was how to transform the canvas into a palpable sensory experience beyond the three-dimensional plane without falling into the trappings of spectacle; my study was supplemented by the concept of cinema.